Top Tips for Flying with a Toddler

Are you planning your summer holiday yet? You may be going abroad with your tot for the first time, so here are our top tips for flying with a toddler.

top tips for flying with a toddler

I hope these tips will help make flying with a toddler a bit easier:

1. From the child’s second birthday your tot will have to have their own ticket and seat booked. This does mean they will have their own hand luggage allowance. You can take their pushchair on the plane too. When under 2 years old, they do not have to have their own seat, but you can book one if you prefer. Under 2 means up to their second birthday. If your little one has their second birthday during your holiday, you will usually have to pay for a seat (as a two year old) for the flights out and back. (Check with your chosen airline).

2. Try to pick good flight times to fit your routine, if possible – For European holidays we usually have a morning flight out and an early afternoon flight home which is perfect. Long haul flights would be best through the night.

3. Little ears can hurt as you take off and land. Stickers and a sticker book are a great distraction, and something to chew will your child’s ears to pop to relieve the pain. So remember raisins, a banana, or some natural fruit chewy sweets.  A drink can help too.

4. You can usually keep your pushchair with you until you actually board the plane  – then you can gave it to the crew to put in the hold.

5. It is a good idea to have one bag with all your essentials in – as well as tickets, passports, money and any other important stuff make sure you have necessary ‘stuff’ to grab easily. Nappies, wipes, any comforters i.e. dummy, blanky and any special toys.

You can also pack some colouring books, reading books, and a couple of new treats that he won’t have seen before, for when he gets fed up.

Have you any tips for flying with a toddler?

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